My target clients are technology innovators and investors. I introduce my clients to each other and provide business analysis as well as project and program management services.

Introduction of a new Client:
A new client company of mine aims to bring together investors and innovative companies. Together with their associates and partners, the client is offering global, customized solutions across all asset classes and interests. For instance, if an investor is looking for investments in innovative companies, real estate or art, my client will use their extensive network to research, advise on and find a suitable project or opportunity. Personalized services and solutions are at the core of my client’s business and they provide a broad range of fiduciary services for their clients. These include investment advice, allocation, monitoring, and controlling as well as fiduciary services related to accounting, legal, tax, IT and other areas as needed. My client’s goal is to assist their clients in using their highly qualified experts both on a local Swiss level and globally. The client is based in Zug/Switzerland. Discretion and confidentiality are guiding principles in interactions with their clients. They can act in an introductory or advisory capacity in projects and are happy to facilitate entire transactions on their clients’ behalf.  Their intention is to listen, consult, advise and transact for their clients in a fiduciary manner as needed.

Why Switzerland? Switzerland has a long-standing reputation for innovative solutions. It has some of the best brands and universities in the world.

Our History:
Over the last 13 years Ella Thuiner was running her own company (Ella Thuiner GmbH based in Zurich and Swiss Banking Advisory GmbH based in London). The focus was on educational conferences about investments in innovative solutions. During the last five years our company provided more than 100 entrepreneurs and senior executives an opportunity to speak about their innovative solutions at my educational programs in Zurich as well as in London. As an entrepreneur/advisor, we worked with a number of organizations such as Credit Suisse, Art Basel, Merrill Lynch, UBS and a number of other companies. One of our latest clients was Soomz (an innovative Swiss company), which provided the opportunity to dig into cyber security solutions available in the market.